Dirty Demi - Bra Fetish Session

This video is perfect for those of us with an appreciation for a detailed bra! I put on one of my most intricate bras and talk you through some of my favourite details whilst snapping and playing with the straps and squeezing my large and juicy tits through the bra – it’s a soft cup so you can really see the doughey texture of my F cups! The bra also has no underwire meaning it’s oh so easy for me to pull out each one of my breasts and play with them up close to the camera for you. I lick, spit on and rub my nipples until they get all pink and hard for you! This video is shot very close to the camera meaning that my gorgeous titties and detailed bra fill up the frame at all times – you’re not going to miss an inch of my tits in this video! Available to stream or download and keep forever! I hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording! Xx

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