Charlotte Stokely - Foot Loser Shame

La la la loser… lahooo za herrr. I told the ladies at the Salon that I needed my toes to be perfect cuz some guy wanted to buy a video of my feet and jerk off all alone. They laughed and asked who the he will would ruin their lives by getting caught buying a foot fetish video. So even though you almost got so used to jerking of to your huge collection of loser foot porn… I gotta remind you that no one will ever fucking want you, haha.
Now since I know that your not gonna want to try and go out and get pussy, I am gonna let you jerk off to my wrinkled soles. Enjoy the full Fucking shame of this loser. I am a hot pornstar and I got you cuming to just my wrinkled soles. Not pussy… the bottom of my feet.

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Charlotte Stokely - Foot Loser Shame Jerk off me

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