Goddess Platinum - 3-Minute Cum Countdown

I want to see you stroke that little dick of yours while I laugh at you. And I am going 2 give you exactly 3 minutes to cum. And to be honest, that will probably be plenty of time for some of you! LOL!

I am going to play a game with you though. I am going to dangle my shoe from the tip of my toe while you stroke your itty-bitty teeny-weenie peepee for my entertainment as you gaze up at my perfection. And then at the end of 3 minutes I am going to give you a 10-second cum countdown, at the end of which I will expect you to create a pathetic “worship puddle” on the floor at my feet.

I will count down from 10…and when my shoe finally drops off the tip of my toe – you CUM!

Think you can make it?

MP4 * 429 MB * 00:03:36 * 1920x1080

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