Raquel Roper - Mind Fucked for Feet

Hello Goddess. I bought the clip, Tickle, Foot Smelling Fantasy Brought To Life By Miss Roper, and I instantly fell in love with you and your feet. That is now my number one fantasy. I am also into the little brown vile while worshipping and sniffing feet. I saw you have some foot and vile clips, but they all involve either chastity, sissification, or just anal play. I am the type that gets weaker the more I stroke. The thought of your feet close to the cam and telling me to sniff back and forth between your feet and the little brown vile scares and excites me. Scares me because I feel like I will be helpless for you after watching it. Excited because knowing that, I still want it. Throughout the clip please reinforce how weak I am for you and your feet. How only your feet can do this to me. I can only cum when you command me to. You can add a punishment if I cum early...

MP4 * 1.15 GB * 00:16:46 * 1920x1080

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