Onyxkimx - Korean Nerd Sweaty Workout JOI

Nerdy Korean Onyx Kim comes back after a hard workout in the gym and she is glistening with sweat. She peels off her oldest worn out converse and white dirty socks and gives you a good look before taking a few whiffs herself. Obviously now you have to take a whiff of this killer foot stench so she rubs her shoes and socks in your face for you to enjoy the enticing scent. She becomes excited and she notices your are actually.. enjoying yourself? She sees you drooling and decides to spit, lick and worship her own feet the way she wants you to. Noticing you are erect and ready, she encourages you to stroke to her soft sweaty soles. Right when you’re on your edge she counts you down to release for her pleasure. Talk about a post workout cool down!

MOV * 938 MB * 00:16:31 * 1920x1080

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