Danni King - Foot Junkie

​Look at these sexy heels and let yourself get weaker for me. I want you to take a nice long look. Look at these feet, I know you can’t resist. You are already wanking, what a loser. Your addiction to these feet is only going to grow with every passing minute. Such a little foot freak. I know how much you love them. These soft wrinkled soles make you weak with every movement. I know you would love to get your cock right in-between then. You know that will never happen because you are nothing but a loser. Now come worship these feet. I want you to lick them, suck them, admire them. Take them right down your throat bitch! Open wide loser! I want to hear you gag on my toes you freak. That’s a good little foot slave. I know you crave these toes. You are my good little foot boy aren’t you. I love throat fucking you like a good little whore. You will be addicted to them for the rest of your life! - Danni King​

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