Fucked Feet - Adorable Bianca Bangs' Wrinkled Soles!

Bianca Bangs is a totally adorable 21 year old girl who is from Washington DC but now lives in Florida. This is a brand new shoot from my most recent trip to South Florida. She has size 7.5 feet and she also has super wrinkled soles with very nice high arches. She has a gorgeous innocent looking face and a great tan body and the tops of her feet are also nice and tan. She starts off with removing her chunky white sneakers. They have a thick sole and they are more like boots. She is wearing them without socks and her feet are super sweaty. She holds each foot up and then both together and she points her toes to make her soles scrunch and wrinkle up and then spreads her toes and wiggles them. Lots more to cum from Bianca Bangs!

MP4 * 268 MB * 00:05:55 * 1920x1080

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