Lindsey Leigh - Sassy Aunt Foot Worship and Joi

You step-father told me he saw something disturbing on your computer. He found foot porn, foot video downloads and a camera photo album full of feet. He confided in me that he wants to punish you for being a little pervert. Of course I agree with him, you are a little pervert but...I could use a good foot massage so I indulge you. I kick my feet up on the couch and demand you worship my feet. You should only be focused on my feet, not my face or body, feet only. You continue to massage until I notice how hard touching my feet is making you. I then tell you to start stroking for me. This does not mean you stop worshipping, this means you multitask. I am going to train you to be my perfect foot slave, not some foot goon or pervert but my own personal foot slave. You quickly agree as you are about to explode. I laugh as you agree to surrender your manhood to me.

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