Miss Untamed - Matthews Foot Gifts

My next idea is part 2 of the last video concept...Matthew's Enslaved Foot Future.

I Matthew your loyal foot-loving foot slave of a step-son am locked in chastity wearing pink panties all but waiting on you hand and FOOT. You come downstairs into the basement since I no longer have a bedroom to wake me up in the morning. You laugh at me all snuggled in my panties with one of your used slippers under my face. You tell me that just because it's the weekend that doesn't mean I get out of my duties and chores.

You tell me that you have some gifts for me. My gifts include your used gym socks, your foot shavings from your Pedi Pad, foot lotion for your foot rubs, nail polish and footbath when you giving you pedicures, and your used panties/dirty laundry. You explain to me how great you think I've been this year by becoming a sissy foot slave to both you and step-Aunt Vallerie and these gifts will fit my new role.

You tell me that this weekend you will be expecting me to clean the entire house as you will be going out to step-Aunt Vallerie's house for dinner. I will be home doing chores and waiting for your nightly foot rub as you come home...

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