Miss Whitney Morgan - Ache For Whitney's Sweaty Socks JOI

So, what is it that you have been aching, craving, deeply desiring from Miss Whitney Morgan? Oh, it's her utterly filthy, stinky, smelly, sweat soaked socks, is it? And you are literally BEGGING for permission to cum to them? Pathetic. Let it be a long tease, an edging session as she slowly slips off her Converse sneakers.. showing a pair of brand new socks.. oh, a little tease and denial. But keep stroking.. if you look closely you can see she has another pair on - double layer socks. Slowly peeling off the new white socks, she reveals a NASTY pair of well worn socks surely to make you prematurely cum all over yourself with one sniff. But better wait... she might be nice and give you that countdown you really want.. and to be TOLD to cum to her socks. Includes: sneakers, socks, converse, double socks, sweaty socks, stinky socks, smelly socks, dirty socks, filthy socks, sock joi, jerk off instruction, foot fetish, foot domination, sock domination, cum countdown, pov.

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