Watch me show off not one, but two pairs of shiny new pantyhose. You will be in stocking heaven!!! Ah, nylons. Soft, opaque, stretchy, shiny goodness. You like them. No, you love them. You are obsessed with them. And when Sydney wears them, it's even hotter! Words can't even describe what goes on in your body when you see Sydney wear a brand new pair of pantyhose. Stretching it out with her divine legs. Her scent slowly culminating in each and ever fiber of the pantyhose.It's amazing how pantyhose make Sydney's legs even better. Wouldn't you love to put your face in her feet? Your nose between her toes? Don't resist much longer, you will become a victim to Sydney's pantyhose in no time. Especially when she puts on another pair. You are in pantyhose heaven!

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