Ezada Sinn - Eat Cum For My Feet

Yes, you love My feet, but I also know your little sissy secret. you are My bimbo bitch that adores sucking cocks. your tiny dicklet gets hard and very aroused when worshiping My toes, just as it does when your man-pussy is fucked by My massive strap-on. The harder your clitty gets – the more obedient you become. I can make you do whatever I want simply because you’re My wanker, My cock-sucking sissy wanker. Today, My horny little bitch, let’s see if you can stuff into that hungry mouth of yours both My toes and this strap-on at the same time. That’s it, open wide and take it all in for your Goddess. And if you please Me, then I just might let you worship My feet and rub your cock until you cum, right into that open and willing mouth of yours. There you are, kneeling before Me, playing with all that sticky cum in your mouth. you really are My sissy bimbo bitch!

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