Angel Lee - Footboy Loser

Oh my god, you are always staring at our feet and wanting to stroke your cock. We have beautiful bare feet and you cannot get enough of our wrinkled soles as we humiliate you. Smell it as our toes wiggle in your face and but you cannot touch. All you can do is beg to be close to them. The only time you can have them is before I fuck my boyfriend in front of you. After he cums, you can lick it off and hopefully gag on the taste. The more you beg to jerk off on our feet, the more we Torment you. We could give half a footjob but not let you have a release. Maybe we just slap it so that it is painful, but that only seems to make you more turned on. Keep stroking that little penis of yours and beg for a release. Get a POV look from our perspective as we make fun of you. When we put our soles together it looks so sexy and we ignore you altogether as we talk about our feet and other slaves who worship our feet. A case of blue balls is just what you need before sending you back to your corner.

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