KaylaJaneDanger - Office Dangling Domination

You haven’t been performing as well as expected and this will not stand. I noticed a pattern in your ‘off’ days, when you clearly could and couldn’t concentrate, vs when you were more focused and able to get your job done. You aren’t as slick as you think you are, and I’ve known that you’re obsessed with my pantyhose feet and my dangling stilettos but I am going to turn your distraction into your motivation. I will show you exactly how Goddess likes her feet worshiped and let you experience the pleasure of being under my pantyhose toes, but as quickly as I let you taste them, I take them away and remind you that putting in work and becoming a productive part of the team. If you prove that you are worth keeping employed and you will have the great pleasure of massaging my feet and starting every day with a worship session as long as you’ve performed well the day before. Let’s see how well your distraction turns to motivation to work hard for your Boss.

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