Princess Ellie Idol - Reduced Sentence

You are a judge put onto my case for the alleged 187 of my husband. I've come into your quarters to ask you for a reduced sentence, but you laugh in my face and tell me to get out of your office. I get angry at this and tell you that I will find a way to ruin you! I will find a way to control you! All men have a weakness. As I try to seduce you, you laugh some more at my attempts, telling me I am wasting my time flaunting my tits and ass in front of you. It's too late though. I have you figured out. Your weakness is my feet! I pull my shoe off and shove my toes into your face! You immediately turn soft, as a typical man would! You go for my toes, licking them, sucking them. You can't help yourself. You stroke your cock to me and have your way with my feet. I record you, but it doesn't make you stop. You reduce my sentence, and I tell you that I won't ruin you, as long as I get my way. Probation. If you give me anything else, you'll be fucked.

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