Young Goddess Kim - Footstool bitch

Grovel before Me, footstool bitch. you kiss the ground I walk on, dreaming to kiss My divine feet you pamper and worship. your true purpose in life is as My personal footstool. Nothing but an object for Me to use for My feet, now get down beneath My soles as I decide which shoes I will wear with this leather dress. you admire My feet as I dangerously dangle My strappy stiletto. you long to smell and kiss My soles and toes. you are so fortunate to be used by Me. When I go out, you will carefully pack away all these new shoes in My closet and find a spot inside there for yourself – that’s where I will keep you until I return and use you as My shoe cleaning, foot worshiping footstool again. Now kiss My soles and show Me how much you crave this.

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