Oh look, another tiny little man found his way into my house.. looks like I'll have to teach him the lesson of the giants!

You're a tiny shrunken little man who's been on a long, arduous journey. You've traveled so far and end up coming across a giant house. Without any hesitation you snuck into the house to explore, but it may turn out that you regret this mistake! You see, the house is occupied by the giant Goddess Sydney, and instantly she finds you and demands to know what you are doing there.

She doesn't take kindly to little humans like you sneaking around her place. She describes what she did with the last humans that were stupid enough to cross her path - they become nothing but stains on the bottoms of her feet. You definitely don't want this to happen and consider running, but alas theres no way you would ever be able to escape her clutches! Now she tells you that she's actually getting pretty hungry.. uh oh.. she reaches down to pick you up and grabs you.

You're now stuck in her hand as she brings you up to her mouth. She tells you how you can actually satisfy her hunger - you see she actually really loves eating tiny little humans, and it looks like you're going to be her lunch! You struggle and fight but it's no use, she taunts you about becoming her meal, how you're going to slide down her stomach and give her body sustenance, and how much tastier humans are when they're terrified! She pops you into her mouth.. only to talk to you as you go down. It looks like this is going to be the end of your journey, little one!

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