Young Goddess Kim – Blackmailed-Fantasy by the Boss

I know exactly what you have been getting “up” to in your office when you are supposed to be working! In fact, I have the surveillance footage right here. As your Boss I have the right to dismiss you immediately, however, there is another solution to your chronic masturbation problem. But first, I want you to show Me one last time how you jerk off like a pathetic pervert at your desk. Go on, take off your suit right now and stroke exactly like you do when you think no one is watching. I’ll even tease you and make you stare at My cleavage, pantyhose legs and let you kiss My leather ass… But once you have cum on My command – I let you in on the “disciplinary action” I have for you. I’m locking you up in chastity and making you My obedient, hardworking little office bitch, and there’s nothing you can do about it! I’m sure you don’t want anyone else seeing the footage I have of you? you will never cum without My permission again.. And you will spend the rest of the day handcuffed to My desk licking My shoes clean and begging Me for mercy like the pathetic bitch you are.

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Young Goddess Kim – Blackmailed-Fantasy by the Boss Jerk off me

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