Princess Pilar - Findom Inc: Meeting Bossy Babe

You are an employee at Findom Inc.; one day you get called to The Boss's office over the intercom; all of the other sla- I mean, employees, at the cube farm stare at you, wondering what your fate will be as you nervously walk down the corridors to meet The Boss. You've heard stories about Her, and you're scared, but you know there's nothing you can do but meet your Maker. When She invites you in, you're so frightened you almost pee your pants- you've heard about Her wrath and how sadistic She can be. She wants to reward you, yes, a no name worker who's a number, and for working so hard She has given you the title of "Employee of the Month", but, there's a catch. Find out your fate within. Enjoy xo- Princess Pilar

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Princess Pilar - Findom Inc: Meeting Bossy Babe Jerk off me

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