Roxana Rae - Bratty Bitchy Barbie

What could a tiny dick loser like you ever hope to do to become worthy of a Goddess like Me. You certainly don't measure up Sexually like the kind of Alpha Man I deserve now do you? And you definitely don't have what it takes in the looks department to catch the eye of this bratty barbie. No the only way you can really hope to compensate for your complete inadequacy as a Man is through complete and total obedience combined with lots and lots of money. That's right, the only lump in your pants worthy of My attention is that big fat billfold, not that tiny beta Dick disappointment. So go ahead, empty all your cash at My perfectly pedicured feet, maybe I'll even let you kiss them while you are down there. That is of course if the price is right because everything else about your pathetic existence is wrong.

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Roxana Rae - Bratty Bitchy Barbie Jerk off me

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