Goddess Alexandra Snow - Burgundy Nails Tease

There's something so entirely seductive about my hands. I get emails every day begging to see more videos focusing on these beautiful tools of mine. I can't blame you. The pleasures these hands have elicited from men and women around the globe are immeasurable. These are my weapons of unraveling. You especially love them when my nails are painted in a sultry shade of deep red. I've used just the tips of my nails to bring man after man to a state of shaking exaltation. As you watch my hands go up and down this cock here, you begin to feel it too. Feel my warm hands pressed against your balls as my fingernails tease and tickle every inch of the tight skin of your hard cock. As you focus you can feel the tips of my fingers trace the head of your swollen dick. Can you take it? The tease of just my hands as they deftly do their work is irresistible. Oh how I love these hands of mine.

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Goddess Alexandra Snow - Burgundy Nails Tease Jerk off me

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