Princess Lyne - Finding a Bull to Fuck in Vegas

We’re in Vegas and you’ve been looking forward to our special date night tonight.  I’m wearing a sexy little black dress, just like you LOVE, but I’ve decided I’d rather go down to the casino and find a sexy BULL to fuck Me.  you just can’t satisfy Me, you don’t have the right equipment and you don’t even know how to please a woman like Me.  It’s only fair that I go find someone who can fuck Me properly.  Why should I be in sin city, in this beautiful suite that you paid for, and go without having some mind-blowing sex?! I wanted to bring My boy friend on this trip, but I compromised.  So tonight I’m heading down to find a a man to fuck, and while I’m gone you’ll be waiting patiently on your knees for our return.  And since you’ve been so good lately, I’ll allow you to watch as he fucks Me silly… Okay, gotta run! I’ve got some HUNTING to do!


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Princess Lyne - Finding a Bull to Fuck in Vegas Jerk off me

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