Goddess Tatyana - BITCH GODDESS: Foot Slave Training

You're on you knees where you belong, slave. When you're in my presence you are always on your knees, because you're my slave now and that's where you belong. Groveling. Worshiping. I'm the center of your universe and there's nowhere else you'd rather be. And you're so hard and you're throbbing, because you're a weak little bitch and my feet are making you weak. I can control any man with my feet and you're no exception. I get anything I want out of any man when I dangle my feet in his face. Now that your dick is hard, your brain doesn't work. You're going to cum while you worship my feet because you're a perv, you're weak, and you're a foot slave jerk off addict. Your dick controls you, and I own your dick, therefor I own you and everything you do. So just give in. You have my permission to stroke your cock while you worship my feet. And every time you stroke you drop deeper down into total foot submission. You're responsible for your own demise because you can't stop jerking off to my feet.

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 Goddess Tatyana - BITCH GODDESS: Foot Slave Training Jerk off me

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