Czech Soles - Foot Growth Nightmare

Do you like big, huge feet? The bigger is better right? Sure it is! But Eli?ka has a different view on that today. She lives with her father and he’s running his own chemical lab and sometimes it happens few substances are in their house. Eli?ka wanted to take some vitamins, but the bottle she took them from is no vitamin jar…it’s something her dad prepared in the lab. Not knowing that, she takes one piece and goes to sleep after that. But when she wakes up and wants to put on her socks, she can’t – they are too small suddenly. “That’s weird”, she thinks and tries to use her sister’s socks instead, she has much bigger feet then Eli?ka but even those are tight. Suddenly a pain starts in Eli?ka’s head and body and she don’t know what’s going on. It seems her feet are actually growing in real time! Her feet actually grew out of her socks! She starts to panic and she thinks what to do now? She don’t know! But then Eli?ka realizes something from dad’s lab had to cause this, so she has to go to the lab now. But her shoes does not fit anymore. It’s a nightmare. Luckily her brother has big feet so she puts on his shoes but than her head starts to ache and her feet starts to grow and within a minute they are bigger again and those shoes…they were too small…her feet ripped them up. Her feet are so huge now! But what to do?! She can’t believe this is real! She needs help!

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Czech Soles - Foot Growth Nightmare Jerk off me

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