Goddess Alexis - Beat Up By Alexis

Goddess Alexis is working out at dusk when a stranger appears in the backyard of Mean Girl Manor. Its YOU- a stalker fan! And you think you can “take” Alexis in a fight! Even though she’s an “amazon” and you’re a SHRIMP- you think you can take her on just because you’re a “man”?? Oh, how WRONG you are…and you are about to find out!

Alexis proceeds to BEAT YOU DOWN. Then PUMMEL you while you are on the ground with some “ground n pound”! Then she STOMPS on you! This is some serious DAMAGE. You are DONE. Oh, and then just to add insult to injury while you are laying defeated at her feet, she callously stomps her foot down on your chest and strikes some “victory poses” to celebrate her victory over another over-inflated “little man’s” male ego!

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