Demi Sutra, Astrodomina, Ellie Idol, Casey Calvert - FOUR IN A ROW - ASS EDITION

If you're an ass lover, there will never be a more drool inducing video than this one. Featuring some of the top asses around. Don't forget to clean up afterwards!

How often do you get 4 amazing Dommes together in one row, asses out, for you to worship their asses one by one? It's impossible to hide your hard on as you make your way to the first ass, Sydney's magnificent Asian ass. You get a wide variety of colors today. Next up is Princess Ellie who urges you to come close and smell her butt hole. What a treat. The third ass in the line up belongs to Demi Sutra. Have you ever seen a chocolate ass more perfect than hers? And finally there's Casey Calvert's famous booty. Go on, get right up close and worship her ass butt boy! It's impossible to focus on one ass at a time, there are so many distractions and each butt is just absolutely perfect. What a tease but what a treat too. The video ends with about 3 minutes of close up ass shots of these four goddesses.

MP4 * 779 MB * 00:13:14 * 1920x1080

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