Mistress Lucy Khan - Beta Bitch Stocking Feet JOI Humiliation

Everyone knows that you're a little bitch for My feet, especially when they're wrapped in gorgeous Cuban heel stockings. Today, I'm going to take advantage of your ultimate addiction, and make you humiliate yourself by masturbating for My amusement. I'm going to dangle My stocking toes in front of you, teasing you with the opportunity to worship them IF you perform to My satisfaction. Get ready to get low to the floor like a doormat and hump the ground I walk on, because I'm feeling extra sadistic today. So follow My instructions as I tell you exactly how to stroke to My specifications. I know how pathetic you are, that you'll do anything I say, so get ready to hump and pump for Me, you little underfoot loser. And even after you cum, you're not done yet, because you're going to lap up every last drop...

MP4 * 168 MB * 00:09:24 * 1920x1080

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