Goddess Natalie – Between my giant boobs

My breasts are nice and round and sexy as they are, but I wonder how much bigger they'll seem to you if I shrank you? If I turn you into a little bug, a tiny worm-sized creature that I can barely see, and if I placed you right there, in between my boobs, how would you feel?

Are you gonna try to escape or will you do as you're told as worship my ginormous breasts, following my instructions? Would you use your tiny tongue, spending one hour on each one of my boobs, or would you run away when I'm not watching!

You should know that if you try to run away, even just for a moment, I will catch you and I will turn you into an even smaller creature. I wonder what you'll do when you'll be the size of a speckle! If you're gonna be a good boy, though, I might offer you a special kind of transformation as a reward.

I will make you human-sized again, but you won't be the same human you were before I first shrunk you. You will look...different! Curious what I have in mind? Well, you know what you gotta do, little one!

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