Miss Amina Rose - Step-Sister Keeps You Locked

(Included description) I have in mind a clip where a step-sister teases her step-brother in chastity. You come in dressed in skimpy house clothes, say hello, then start browsing your phone. As you do, you also "unintentionally" tease me with your body. Eventually, you notice I look uncomfortable and ask what's wrong. I try to brush you off, but you coax me into admitting that I'm wearing a chastity cage, the key's not working, and I haven't cum in 2 weeks.
You feign sympathy--you know how insanely horny 2 weeks of denial makes a guy (yet all this time, you're still teasing me). You coyly wonder if someone might've stolen the key, perhaps to punish me for something. For example, for perving over my step-sister. You smile as I finally realize what happened, maybe teasing me with the key. 
You ask if I've learned my lesson, and then offer me a chance to prove it. If I can avoid ogling and maintian eye contact with you for one minute, you'll unlock me. If I fail and look, that's an extra day locked, and we start the minute over. You spend the next few minutes teasing me into looking over and over again. Once you've manipulated me into adding enough days, you pretend to be surprised I couldn't make the minute, and say we'll try again the next day.

MP4 * 320 MB * 00:16:05 * 1920x1080

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