Young Goddess Kim - Pantyhose Foot Puppy

Your poor performance as My foot butler has resulted in demotion to My foot puppy! Crawl over here to My spike heel stilettos and remain on your knees as I taunt you with what's inside these patent leather stilettos.. Mmm yes, you can't keep your eyes off My pantyhose feet that you serve all day long. you work so hard for these feet that own you. But I am not impressed with your service anymore as My "butler", no... you are becoming more and more pathetic for My feet, I've decided I'm going to make you My foot puppy instead. I'm taking this new role of yours quite literally - you'll be wearing My collar around your neck too! From now on all communication from you will be in quiet, polite barks..and whimpers. Now show Me what a good foot puppy you are and sniff and lick My sacred scented pantyhose feet. Worship My divine nylon feet like My desperate little foot puppy, sniffing the amazing aroma as you bury your nose at My toes, kiss and lick My sweet smelling soft soles as best as a foot puppy like you can! Sequel to "Pantyhose Foot butler"

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