Charlotte Stokely - Costumed Cucked And Fucked

Oh I know you’re not gay sweetie... just be a good sport and take it all one step at a time... now I’m gonna pin your head to the floor and he’s gonna lube up your pretty little sex bunny asshole, hahahaha

I just haven't decided if I’m gonna bend over and laugh right in your face or just step on your head in a victory pose.

Well, you look fuckin' ridiculous... you’re all shrink wrapped in a sexy white satin body suit leotard... you look like a pretty little “leotard retard” Hahahaha And he even got you matching bunny ears!

Sorry, but when I handed him your chastity keys, I told him that he could rent out your idiot holes for at least two weeks.

MP4 * 338 MB * 00:07:27 * 1920x1080

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