Empress Jennifer, Goddess Alex - Beta Bitch Interview

Come in, you're about to learn your new little bitch protocol. This is your interview with Goddess and Empress. you're just like every other beta out there. We want to go shopping, the beach, brunches, dinners, the club.. afterparties. And if you want to be our bitch, you're gonna have to know exactly where you stand.. or kneel haha. you're going to be a really good bitch though. Hold our bags, pay for our food and drinks, take us shopping for more outtings. youre going to basically be a human robot. you're also going to have to stay under the table while we eat. its not like youre a real human anyway LOL you're just cleaning, cooking, shopping,.. So this is your test run. Do you have what it takes? Before all three of us head out to see, you're going to have to show us your shoe and foot worship skills haha thats right. It starts NOW.

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