Mandy Flores - Sissy Blackmail Fantasy

You are my tutor who is growing tired of my sexual advances that I do every time we meet to study. However, one day you come over an hour early to my house for whatever reason, and you walk in on me as I'm wearing a little frilly sissy dress. You start to laugh and tease me about how girly I am dressed and take pictures of it with your phone ("awww you look so CUTE!"). You Coerce me to show my dick under the dress, you see it and laugh and take more pictures. Double Blackmail-Fantasy! With those dick pictures, you now also have the evidence needed to kick me out of school for harassment for showing you my little 5 inch sissy pecker. However, you want to keep humiliating me instead, you tell me that now if I want to not get kicked out of the university, I have 2 options: that I have to wear my sissy dress uniform to school, OR I pay you more to be my full-time tutor, much more, and I wear the dresses in front of you every day (you're certain I agree to this one). Of course you will still take pictures of me dressed as a little girl for entertainment, you're thinking about locking me in the dress too, so if we ever go outside "for class" I have no choice but to wear my outfit. Rest assured that if I follow your orders, the school won't find out about my sexual harassment advances to you, but you're gonna post all the sissy pictures on the internet

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