Lil Olivia - beta bitch hubby meets my new alpha

I think I found him! Go sit in the corner and watch me get ready while i tell you all about it! you know me and my girlfriends went out last night... you know how sexy we all looked when we left you watched us get ready... i met someone at the club... he's coming over right now and i need you to get all your **** out of the master bedroom. I mean fucking everything. I dont care where you put it or where you ****. Get it out. After you clean up your mess, I want you to clean up my mess too. Get everything ready for Step-Daddy. This is his house now. Also hand over keys. Everything belongs to Step-Daddy. Hes a real man. Hes what we both need!

In this video you sit in your little bitch chair and watch me try on different dresses. As im getting ready I tell you all about this guy i met in the club and what we did in his VIP booth. You'll hear all about my experience with a big dicked man.

Now go crawl on your hands and knees and answer the door. Step-Daddys here!

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