Princess Ellie Idol - Yennefer’s Revenge

In this custom videos, you wake up to a woman sitting on your body. She claims you once hurt her because she was "ugly" and "a freak". Now she's going to end the lives of all the men who thought she wasn't good enough. She tells you to suck her bottom lip before saying she's also going to rob you before moving onto her next victim. Normally, she'd bring a cucumber along to ride in pleasure while throttling her victims but today you have a little bit of luck as she's going to ride your stick instead. You like this new Yennefer. Too bad you won't know her long... Kiss her lips and your life goodbye as she wraps her hands around your throat and squeezes until you're gone.

MP4 * 307 MB * 00:06:40 * 1920x1080

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