Young Goddess Kim - The Session

It's your lucky day! you've begged for this opportunity to prove yourself as My slave, for a "session" with Me, to serve Me and worship Me. So when you open the door to let Me in why the hell are you standing? Get down to your knees and grovel. I know you require a lot of training and it's starting right now. It's time to let go of your ego and all your possessions, you will become an empty slate for My moulding. Welcome to your new life as My pet, collared and leashed and used as I please. you're getting so hard licking My soles and worshipping My teasing pantyhose feet so enjoy your last time stroking for them for a while. I try on the new shiny stilettos you bought Me and present you with a gift Myself - a shiny steel chastity cage. I lock you up in chastity for good. Become My property in training.

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