Goddess Alexandra Snow - The Classic Double-Cross

The Femme Fatale Agency is back at it again. You hired The Black Widow to “take care of” an ex-girlfriend for you and you’ve come to receive the proof that the job was completed. She sits you down and explains how the entire scene went down. Every glorious detail. How she stalked her in the nightclub. How they went home together. How they fucked for hours before Black Widow did what she does best. All through the telling of this salacious story, you can feel yourself become aroused. Black Widow notices this and begins to strip, to tease you, before pushing you on the ground and positioning herself on top of you. There was a second part of that contract, wasn’t there? She’s going to do to you what she did to your ex. She’s going to “take care” of you. As you feel the lights go out with nothing but the sensation of her warm body on top of you, she whispers into your ear. “I lied.”

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