Rubie and Saph - Renting Out Your Sissy Ass

Your dick is too small to please anyone, especially not girls as hot as us. So, you may as well just be a girl! We know how much you like us and want us both, so if you want to make us happy you're going to become a girl and go on a date with the big alpha boyfriend we picked out for you. We're going to make you try on outfit after outfit, until we find the perfect one! We already know exactly how we want to do your makeup, and we can get started right after we shave your legs. Then, of course Saph can teach you how to walk in heels, and Rubie will set some expectations for /after/ the date He'll show you off to everyone, so he won't be the only man ogling you when you walk down the street. At the end of the date you have to put out ok? He's going to take you back to his house, and we won't be satisfied until his dick hits the back of your throat. You'll look so cute bending over with your panties around your ankles, we just might stay and watch

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