Stella Liberty, Goddess Lilith - Working Overtime

Stella and Lilith are at the company's holiday party and they head off into one of the offices to take a break from the dj while they wait for the keg to show up. Then they spot you, thier boss laying under the desk staring up at them. When they ask you what the hell you are doing down there all alone you claim that you are Tipsy and just taking a rest. They think you are a total pervert and demand you come out from your hiding spot. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior but they can't resist taking this opportunity to fuck with you. The put their heeled shoes up on the bench in front of you and laugh about how it looks like Lilith's office foot slave training she implemented once starting at the firm has really taken effect. Stella slides one of her stiletto pumps off and confronts you for being a total pervert. Nonetheless they put their soles in your face and make fun of you for looking so helpless and pathetic. They won't let you out of the office and discuss ways to get back at you for being such a horrible boss. They berate you for being a loser and humiliate you by making you rub their feet. When they realize you're fucking hard they tell you they will have to file a complaint to HR. But if you suck their toes working overtime they won't tell anyone. Cancel any plans you may have for the week, you have to put in the extra effort if you are going to see any results. This is probably a good time to negotiate raises for both of us.

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