Miss Jasmine - The Stories These Shoes Could Tell, Now Lick Them Clean

As you kneel in front of Miss Jasmine, you admire her beauty and can’t avoid glancing down towards her feet. “What is it?” she asks. “Is it my fresh new pedicure or my stockings that are nice and worn and fragrant? I am not sure but what I do know is that these shoes need to be worshiped.” She explains that you are not good enough for new shoes but instead will show your devotion to the shoes that are a few years old. 
“I’ve worn them to some pretty fun events” she explains, adding “I’ve worn them in many different cities, many city streets, many public bathrooms.”The shoes are 100% leather, well worn, and scented, and you’re going to worship them. Jasmine instructs you where to lick and suck and recalls that she’s done some cock trampling in those shoes. “Can you taste that, too?” she asks laughingly. The tale of these shoes is very interesting, so if you plan to watch this scene, we suggest you be a dirty nasty slave and listen to what Jasmine has to say. You’re bound to shoot your biggest load in years as the story unfolds and you realize you hunger to have your mouth all over what is been on these shoes. You are disgusting! At the end, Jasmine removes her shoes and stockings & jams one of the stockings into your mouth.

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