Princess Violette - Chastity P0ppers Bitch

Hello my Goddess. i often think about the last custom and it is soooooo hard to resist to get again your Sissy-Electrochastity-P0ppers-Bitch. I try to resist again and again, but i don't have to try it. i know it. To get coerced by you to get pain with the Electrochastity-Belt ( from 1 up to 15) and P0ppers at the same time makes me soooo weak. Therefore, I would like to be seduced by you again. Seeing you with latex or PVC clothes and nylons makes me so insane. then your play with the tongue and lips are so erotic. The humiliation for you to wear women's underwear makes me totally horny. I LOVE suspenders and nylons. I like it when I have to sniff at your feet or worn panties. The feeling to be coerced to sniff p0ppers, with the purpose that I am even get weaker and all hemmingen fall is totally cool. I have also dreamed of having to freeze my own sperm and then have to suck this cumcube at the next session. freeze because I absolutely can not swallow the sperm after I cum. before that I could imagine it works out. therefore frozen. I would also find it cool if you make me really hot in the video and then demand that I pause the video. then I have to order the next video and only then may I play the current video again. so to speak, that you coerce me to continue my search and education. Your Sissy-Electrochastity-P0ppers-Bitch! I know i have to resist to NOT get more and more addicted to you.... but it is soooo hard my Goddess

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