Empress Jennifer, Goddess Farrah - The Cuck In The Closet

OMG my friend Farrah can NOT believe what I've done to you- my old, disgusting (but RICH!) husband. I told her about how I literally make you LIVE in my huge walk-in closet. Like, it's your HOME now. And I tell her about how I bring all kinds of guys back to the house and FUCK them right here in this bed just outside of the closet so YOU have to hear my moans of PLEASURE as I am getting fucked by another man just a few feet away from you! And you have to just STAY there in the closet and LISTEN to it like a little bitch. LOL.
Farrah can't believe it. But I explain to her how if you even DARE to complain or if you EVER come out of that closet- I will divorce your ass in a heartbeat and take EVERYTHING. I even brag to her right in front of you about what I make you do about going to the bathroom in the closet...lol. Let's just say she is in shock.
And you are peeking out of your little "home" in the closet the entire time while my friend and I LAUGH at you for being so pathetic to let yourself be treated this way...

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