Natasha's Bedroom - Dehumanization Mind Game

This clip isn't so terribly cruel on the surface. I'm not coercing you to lick my toilet or hurling endless insults, though I will use my words to put you in your place. I'm not yelling; my voice is soft, sweet, and encouraging. This is a different kind of humiliation. Deeper and more powerful. It will change the way you see yourself fundamentally.

My primary goal isn't to make you feel bad about yourself. Instead, I'm going to entirely dismantle your sense of self. Total depersonalization. Ego annihilation in the Freudian sense. I will rob you of your very identity and rebrand you as another loser drone in my brood.

All it takes is a little mind game. A simple mindfucking trick that's so very powerful when deployed.

There's freedom in losing yourself, your very identity. It's both humiliating and liberating. It empowers your submissive side and erases all the rest, the noise that gets in the way of your real purpose. And I'll make it feel so degradingly good.

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