You come home boasting to me, your girlfriend about how strong you have gotten going to the gym. You tell me that you're stronger than I am and so I challenge you to a contest of strength: arm wrestling!! You agree, and defeat me easily. Admitting your strength but still determined I challenge you to a round 2. The next round it's as if I zapped most of your strength. You struggle, trying to pin my arm down but without success. I feel myself...getting stronger, like my muscles are growing. I stand up and show off my tight, fit body. After some teasing I ask if you'd like to go for a round 3, and so we continue our test of strength. Toying with you, I give you a ten second countdown to make my arm even budge and you fail to do it. I instantly slam your hand to the table. Looks like I'm the winner! Your skinny girlfriend kicked your butt at arm wrestling!! That's what you get for being so boastful! I rub it in your face and entertain the thought aloud of going to the gym and stealing ALL the men's strength until I'm an almighty muscle giantess!! Your girlfriend is now moving on, loser!

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