Goddess Fiona - Pervy Foot Boss

I'm just returning home from my new job and telling you about my day. I don't know that you actually have a foot fetish, so the coming news is going to be quite a shocker to you. Everything is all fine and dandy at my new job, but, there's something a little... different about my boss. He's all right, I don't feel any kind of threat... but, I think he might have a thing for - get this - FEET!!!! Have you ever heard of such a thing? He often sneaks peaks at my feet, compliments my shoes, has to fix things underneath my desk, and when he does that, I can almost feel his breath ON my feet... he might even be sniffing them! Isn't that so weird!? But it's ok, it doesn't feel too odd. I mean there are a couple of other things I haven't told you about what my boss likes to do with my feet.. but I'll tell you now. I'll even show you what he did with them up close and personal so you know EXACTLY what happened, and exactly what he saw when I showed him my feet up close. Don't get jealous babe! You don't care about my feet, do you? They're just FEET! It's really not a big deal!

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