Lucy Skye – Chastity Beginners Guide

This is a walkthrough / chastity-device installation guide for you to get started with serving Me through chastity. What does that all entail? Well, if you've come this far you've already accepting that your pathetic cock does Me NO use. Locking it up and giving Me the key ensures you wont give into your loser urge to stroke yourself - the ultimate control! You dont need it, I dont need it, so lets put keep it under my orders.

I go through the parts of the device, the type of device i want you to use, I discuss key-holding, proper installation, and I also cover the random checks on you while you're in chastity (we dont want any cheating, do we?) all while humiliating your for having such a pathetic, useless penis.

MP4 * 795 MB * 00:07:10 * 1920x1080

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