Alizae Baby - Blackmail Fantasy Sissy Control

Alizae found your stash of Bambi sissy files, she explains how she now owns you. and how you have to do as she says or else she'll expose-fantasy your dirty little secret to everyone you know even your girlfriend. She uses the same memorizing triggers on you to control you ... the triggers give Alizae complete control over you as you become the bambi sissy bitch you were made to be. Alizae gets you to dress up and feel bambi in your soul becoming a femboy for BBC. Alizae has you open up interracial porn making you touch your little clitty to BBC ...she has you focus on the girls making you question weather or not you want to fuck her or be her. knowing you could never please a girl in that way Alizae suggests taking BBC is your best option. She then coerces you to lock your small pathetic cock in Chasity while you tease your little bussy in all the ways she says ...She then commands you to drop for cock and focus on your BBC dildo being the real thing. she counts down from 10 teasing you with her amazing body until the very end where she tells you to cum and collapse triggering you to orgasm.

MP4 * 522 MB * 00:17:20 * 1920x1080

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