Goddess Olivia Rose - Foot Slave's New Master

You sit in a chair, and I am below you, knee or thigh high socks (prefer white cable knit), but long socks, please, casual dress and a sweater would be great. You tell me that you and your husband/boyfriend now own me, close-ups of Your feet please, You say that Your husband is my new Master and will be in charge of my discipline and my organism. We will get you a job at the local fast food place, and all of your paychecks will be deposited in Our account. You will have to beg Master for money and to be able to jerk your tiny thingy. You will be taking care of Our feet as well. Your Master is hardworking and can get smelly feet and socks. You will be waiting for Him to clean His boots, socks, and toes with your tongue. Welcome to slavery bitch. Master takes an annual hunting trip that you will be expected to serve for Him and His Friends. Out in the woods, He will be training you in ways you can only imagine, but let's say you may have trouble walking straight. Your Master is good to his friends, so you will be expected to serve all of His friends as well, and knee pads will be required as you will be down on them for everyone. For myself, you will take care of any whim I may have and will get to know my feet very well, except to be on your knees. We also attend parties, so you should expect some public humiliation as well, and when We go for dinner and a show, you will come with us as our pet, always below Us.

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