Cruel Girlfriend - Megan Rox - Omg Look At This - Your Girl Is On Tinder

Seriously - she's on all the apps! Your girl is on Tinder and Snap-fuck and KillingKittens - Look she even has a 5 start rating on this one! Look at the reviews - look at what the guys have to say about your girl! I'm guessing this is news to you huh? I'm guessing you didn't know she cheats on you - I'm guessing you had no idea your little princess was such a total slut right? Y'know what that makes you don't-cha?.. It makes you a cuckold - it totally does! You're her cuckold - you're the guy she leaves at home while she's out fucking other guys - she's cuckolded you - over and over again and you had no idea! I can't wait to tell the girls about this - I can't wait for everyone to find out that you're a cuck - a pathetic wimp who's girlfriend prefers to fuck other guys. She's gone way above and beyond to cheat on you too cuckold - she's on every site - with awesome photos of herself - just to attract as much cock as possible - how the fuck didn't you know! She's made you look like such an idiot!

She's fucking guys behind your back every chance she gets, cuckold. She's fucking guys in hotel rooms - in nightclub restrooms - in your own bedroom while you're at work. She doesn't even care if she gets caught - she probably wants to get caught just so she can rub your nose in it even more. She's sucking cocks in alley ways and having threeways with strangers - all your secret fantasies being given away to anonymous guys on the internet. And now her secret is out - what are you gonna do about it cuckold? Are you gonna leave her? Are you gonna stand up to her? Or are you gonna do what every other simping little cuckold should do - NOTHING! You're gonna do nothing about it AT ALL - because I say so - you got that? You're a cuckold coward - a wimp a beta failure who's girlfriend fucks other guys and you're gonna let her do what she wants to do - or else! I'm serious, idiot - you deserve this - you deserve to be a cuckold so it's time to accept it - she wants to cheat on you and you're gonna let her!

In fact - you're going to ENCOURAGE her to cheat on you - you're going to help her - every step of the way. You're gonna pay for her date-night lingerie, pay for her hot outfits and fund the dates she goes on - just like a true cuckold would! You're gonna help her get dressed for other guys, you're gonna drive her there and you'll pick her up afterwards. If she wants to pretend she's out with the girls - you're gonna go right along with it - let her believe you're an idiot who has no idea she's getting fucked by your friends or strangers or her boss or whoever she likes. That's what I want for you - I want you to be her humble cuckold - standing back as she cheats on you all the fucking time. No complaining - no whining - no sulking. When she walks in after her date - you're gonna treat her like a princess - all the chores will be done - you'll draw her a bath, you'll pamper her and you'll be meek and submissive. Just like a cuckold should be.

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