Lucy Skye - Hairy Arm Fantasy

This was made as a custom clip. No personal names were used.


I am a teacher and you are my workmate

your students had to write a lot of work that you all have to correct.

The correction will be very annoying. That's why you want to apply this work to me.

of course I do not want to do this work. You have long suspected that I have a forearm hair fetish.
You use my fetish to persuade me.

Of course you succeed with it - I horny on your hairy forearms on and do your work for it.

You tell me about all this work and that I should do it.

You say that you know exactly about my fetish and that you will persuade me with it. - I would do anything for your forearms

You slowly roll up your sleeves, point your forearms into the camera and talk about how great the power of your hairy forearms is over me.

You stroke/pet your forearms, look into the camera and make me the offer - smile/laugh at me because I try to resist - but of course I have no chance to resist your beauty.

You kiss your arms - rub your arms on your lips and talk about how good it feels - that tickle your little hairs - and maybe I even get into the mood when I'm doing my job well.

You bend your arm so that your elbow is pointing down and your hand is on the chin. You look into the camera and stroke your hairy forearms.

You talk about how much Power your hairy forearms have over me and let me enjoy that view for a minute.

You say goodbye and say that you will use me more often cause of my fetish its so easy.

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